Bricken McKenzie

Richardson “Bricken” McKenzie, IV founded AdvisorsMD after a seeing the same problems occur over and over in clinics and hospitals throughout the country. As the company’s Chief Executive, he focuses on the development and implementation of cutting-edge methods and practices in the areas of business process improvement, business development consulting, revenue cycle maximization and physician recruitment strategies.

Bricken holds a BS in Management and MBA in Healthcare Administration from the University of Alabama. He is an accomplished public speaker and presents on healthcare organizational management and strategies at organizations, medical schools and institutions across the country.  He is a member of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) where he is a Fellow in American College of Medical Practice Executives (FACMPE); he is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) and is a member of many other healthcare administration societies.

His knowledge of Healthcare Business Development, Physician Practice Startup, Physician Practice Management, Physician Recruitment, Compensation Models, Compliance Issues, and Contract Negotiations has allowed him to gain a very unique perspective on both the inner and outer workings of a Health System. Bricken continues to be quoted in numerous printed and online publications including Becker’s Hospital Review, MGMA Connexion and others listed below.
Through consulting in Hospital Business Development, Mr Mckenzie has been able to gain a unique perspective on physician recruitment, contract negotiation, and healthcare system dynamics. His understanding of strategic recruitment and referral development continues to be invaluable for hospitals and clinics looking to grow their patient referrals. His understanding of the physician recruitment process has also taught him to effectively negotiate physician contracts and understand the importance of compliance issues as they pertain to physician recruitment (Stark, Anti-Kickback, etc).
He has started up physician practices, covering almost all specialties, for both small and large systems. This experience has allowed him to implement the appropriate procedures and unique startup methodology, from the front-desk to the billing department, that insure long-term financial success. Through his work as a Physician Practice Administrator and consultant, Mr. Mckenzie has learned the appropriate procedures for insuring both clinical and financial success within a physician practice setting. This knowledge allows him to properly evaluate all aspects of clinical and financial efficiency and consult physicians on best practices. This knowledge is essential for both the private practitioner trying to create efficiencies in his/her practice and the hospital evaluating the financial viability of a struggling practice. His physician practice experience led him to develop MDreferralPRO which is a web-based program designed to provide strategy and analytics to referral based healthcare organizations.
Mr Mckenzie’s extensive work with physician practices and hospital systems has allowed him to analyze and evaluate the different compensation models used by hospitals to pay providers for their work as either employees or independent contractors. These compensation models are very unique to each healthcare system and provide the most common malcontent between physicians and administrators. Bricken continues to be successful with developing models that provide benefit for both providers and hospitals.
He speaks with multiple residency programs across the country to discuss the business functions that will impact their first year, and subsequent years, in practice. This lecture has proved invaluable for both the residents and hospitals because it provides the residents with an an outline of how business decisions impact the financial bottom line.
Mr. McKenzie’s multi-faceted experience in the healthcare industry has allowed him to have extensive regulatory experience with compliance issues in multiple settings. He has an extremely successful track record working with both Part A and B providers through the appeals process. This work has given him experience with almost all governmental audit agencies (RAC, MIC, ZPIC, CERT, ect.)

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