Physician Liaison Services

If only doctors and nurses had enough time to discuss patient care with each other like they do on tv.  Unfortunately, doctors and nurses are besieged with the burdens of paperwork and office management. After seeing patients, you have precious little time to chat with your peers about the newest specialists, procedures, devices, or even success stories.

In a perfect world, area providers would refer to your hospital or practice because they had KNOWLEDGE of your skills and they would feel a moral obligation to send their patients to you for the highest quality care. But you can’t get those referrals if providers in your area don’t know about you.

While a few doctors may have a long-standing reputation with a referral base, we find that most providers are just too busy to get out there and build those referral relationships. That’s where the Physician Liaison comes in. You may have someone on staff now who can be your liaison when communicating with new referral sources. If this is the case, we can train this person to make the most of their calls to referring providers. We teach them how to get past the front desk and create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with doctors, nurses and staff.

If you are like most healthcare organizations, your staff is already spread thin. So if you are unable to use an existing staff member, and do not want to hire a full-time physician liaison, we can help. AdvisorsMD employs nationally recognized physician liaisons. One of our team was featured in the May 2012 issue of Smart Money magazine. We have relationships with physician liaisons throughout the United States.  If AdvisorsMD is unable to represent you based on your geographic location, then we can help find the most qualified person who can. Solid relationships with referring providers are the foundation for your success. Contact us today to help grow and solidify these bonds.