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''How a physician practice can increase marketshare'' a webinar hosted by MDreferralPRO for Greenway Medical

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Learn how practices all over the US are using MDreferralPRO by AdvisorsMD

Join MDreferralPRO on Tuesday, September 24, at 2 pm Eastern, for a free, 45-minute interactive Marketplace webinar as two Greenway partners,advisorsMD Talksoftdiscuss their innovative solutions and how they can benefit your PrimeSUITE investment.

AdvisorsMD’s solution, MDreferralPRO, is a web-based application designed to support your outreach to referring providers. MDReferralPRO identifies untapped referral sources in your market, analyzes existing referral trends and helps you create an effective strategic plan for stimulating referral growth. MDreferralPRO’s Strategic Outreach Solution is used by hospitals and physician practices to identify, manage and grow referrals from other healthcare providers. Through the use of predictive analytics, MDreferralPRO provides strategic network intelligence for physician liaisons, marketers and administrators to target the sources most likely to refer new patients. Physician liaisons can enter notes from their meetings in real time, keep up with visits that require new action, and prioritize their call lists for the week.

MDreferralPRO reduces dependence on printed reports by providing physicians and administrators with an at-a-glance dashboard to view the organization’s referral development performance. The program provides viewpoints that allow an administrator to evaluate the performance of an entire organization, analyze referral patterns in affiliated physician practices, and drill-down to individual providers and service lines within those facilities.

The MDreferralPRO by AdvisorsMD solution made its public debut in January of 2013 and continues to prove how effective a artificial intelligence tool can be used in the daily administrative tasks of a physicians practice . The consulting firm, AdvisorsMD has been developing and monitoring the growth of the strategic outreach solution since 2008. Practices, hospitals and specialties ranging from Urology, Urogynecology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Multi-speciality, ENT, Oncology, Diagnostic and MRI, Orthopaedic, and Psychiatry have found MDrferralPRO to be the one tool in their doctors bag that they can’t do business without.

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