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Now with Advanced Analytics

As our clients grow, so do we... At AdvisorsMD we strive to exceed your business development needs with Advanced Analytics making your organization the best it can be. MDreferralPRO was created through a partnership of healthcare administrators and physician liaisons. MDreferralPRO increases communications, revenue, and improves referral relationships.


MDreferralPRO’s Strategic Outreach Solution identifies untapped referral sources in your market, analyzes existing referral trends to your facility, and helps you create an effective strategic plan for stimulating referral growth. Physician liaisons, marketers and Business development executives can share real-time communication with administrators regarding their activity in the field by using the unique “notes” section. Administrators and physicians can view referral trends from individual providers, and measure ROI at-a-glance. With MDreferralPRO, physician liaisons are assured they are making the most efficient use of their time in the field by keeping your providers IN SIGHT, and IN MIND. For a quick 2-minute demo video visit MDreferralPRO’s physician liaison program is a web-based software as a service solution and is used by those who are referral based and looking to drive business to their practice or organization.

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MDreferralPRO’s intelligent business development system answers the questions:

  • Where are the untapped referring sources in my market?
  • Which referring healthcare providers should be my top priority?
  • Where do I concentrate my efforts to generate revenue for my healthcare facility?
  • What is the return on my business development investment?
  • Who has sent referrals? Has there been any increase or decrease in referrals from these sources?

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Key Features:

  • Advanced reporting on referral growth and retention efforts
  • Strategic intelligence on who your practice should be targeting
  • Analytics defining your market share and trends
  • Geo-targeting of your market territory
  • Comprehensive directory lists national providers and facilities
  • Detailed notes feature provides valuable information on referral sources
  • Advanced reporting on referral growth and retention efforts – Includes customizable graphs, reports and charts throughout the application to display what is important to your practice.
  • Strategic intelligence — Uses proprietary algorithms to direct your practice to the providers who are most important to your clinic.  Spend less time wondering who to visit and spend more time with referring sources.
  • Market share & trend analytics–Understand how increasing competition, declining reimbursement and inefficient referral reporting affects active and potential referring sources. View intelligent analytics to increase volume and revenue.
  • Geo-Targeting–Detailed mapping tools geographically target specialists that are currently referral sources and those who may not be listed in your Greenway Care Providers list. Details providers by name, facility and specialty.
  • MDdirectoryPRO directory resource–Access MDreferralPRO’s National Healthcare Provider Directory, MDdirectoryPRO, to search for a physician by NPI number, specialty, address, practice affiliation or geographic locations
  • Note Central®– A Non-PHI Note Taking Warehouse allows users to create, store, search, and view all notes pertaining to referral sources, facilities, face-to-face interactions, and physician referrals, and provides options to tag, share and reply to conversations within your organization or others in the MDreferralPRO network.