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Our consultants have expertise in the following areas:
  1. Physician Contract Legality
  2. Physician Compensation Structure
  3. Market Value compared to other physicians in the specialty

Physician Services

AdvisorsMD is dedicated to providing physicians with high quality business services related to securing a new employment contract. Our experts provide consultative placement services to physicians across the United States. Not only do we assist in the job search, but we also provide our clients with extensive contract review and negotiation services. Our experience with developing compensation models and physician contracts for hospitals around the country allows us to have a very specific knowledge of the physician employment marketplace. There are three very important pieces to consider in each physician contract:

At AdvisorsMD, we want to keep you in the business of healing patients. We help physicians find the right professional fit and we guide them in creating a fair compensation agreement. For help with your physician contract, contact us today.